Periop 202: Spine Procedures

Expand Your Spine Procedure Expertise

Developed by subject matter experts and AORN, this course provides perioperative nurses and other healthcare professionals who are new to orthopedics, or who want a refresher on workflow processes, with important, applicable information about spine procedures.

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Periop 202: Spine Procedures

This interactive course focuses on:

  • The anatomy of the spine
  • Conditions of the spine
  • Identifying the indications for spine procedures
  • Discussing perioperative preparation and patient care
  • Applying safe practices in positioning and intraoperative care of the spine patients
  • Summarizing the role of neurophysiologic monitoring during surgery

In addition, this course includes discussion of anterior and posterior cervical spine surgery and anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery.

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Periop 202: Spine Procedure Illustrations

Periop 202: Spine Procedures

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