Periop 202 FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions and answers about Periop 202, AORN's facility education solution for specialty surgical procedures.

How are the fees structured between Periop 202 courses?

Visit our order form page for details on pricing.

What happens after I purchase Periop 202?

After purchasing Periop 202, you will receive an e-mail with additional information, including access to the admin guide and instructions on student registration.

How do I assign Periop 202 courses to my students?

To register students, please go to the Facility Contracts Dashboard.

How do I know how many unassigned courses I have available?

You can see the number of seats used/available on the Facility Contracts Dashboard.

How will I be notified of a Periop 202 student’s course registration and completion?

You will receive emails both when a student registers and when they complete a course. You can also view course rosters and completion status via the facility dashboard in the ALC.

If a student registers for a course on the last day of the licensed term, will they still have 4 months access to complete the course?

Yes, students will have 4 months to complete the course from the day that they register.