AORN Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety: Smoke Evacuation

Protect Your Team and Patients from Surgical Smoke

Go Clear™ and join the more than 800 surgical teams who’ve made surgical smoke evacuation a top priority. The AORN Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety: Smoke Evacuation Program is a comprehensive surgical smoke-free recognition program for facilities who want to ensure a smoke-free environment.

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The Hidden Dangers of Surgical Smoke

Surgical smoke is the by-product of using energy-generating devices (e.g., electrosurgery units, lasers, ultrasonic devices, powered surgical instruments [e.g., orthopedic saws]).

Perioperative nurses report twice as many respiratory issues as compared to the general population.1

Become an Advocate

AORN has partnered with Medtronic through the AORN Foundation to create a comprehensive Surgical Smoke-Free Recognition Program. This program is designed for any facility that wants to improve patient and workplace safety, recruit and retain top clinicians, and be recognized for their commitment to a surgical smoke-free environment.

The Award designation is rated on:

  • Education performance
  • Smoke evacuation compliance
  • Ensuring your facility has sufficient smoke evacuators and accessories

View the facilities who have made the commitment to go surgical smoke-free and obtain the AORN Go Clear Award.

Take Action!

The free education and resources in the program will help your facility improve its surgical smoke safety efforts by:

  • Protecting your team and patients from the hazards of surgical smoke
  • Attracting and retaining the best clinicians due to a healthier, smoke-free environment
  • Providing education on the risks of surgical smoke and methods for smoke evacuation
  • Increasing smoke evacuation compliance on all surgical smoke generating procedures

“The Go Clear Award Program was a huge success; really supportive information and tools. The program is extremely comprehensive. Since rolling out the program, our compliance has gone up 90%.”

Jeff Belcher RN, BSN, CSSM

Interim Director, PeriOperative Services

This evidence-based program is made possible by Medtronic through the AORN Foundation.

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