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Dedicated to Incorporating Research and Evidence-based Practice

Evidence rating is a process by which scientific evidence is used to support recommendations about clinical decisions.

Evidence rating has become an expectation of multidisciplinary health care organizations.

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AORN Research Priorities in Perioperative Nursing 2023-2028.

AORN is dedicated to incorporating research and evidence-based practice as a foundation for perioperative nursing to provide quality patient care.

Are you consistently using the best evidence available to care for your patients? Evidence-based practice (EBP) is fundamental to quality patient care. Be an active part of the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo. Research poster abstracts are being accepted every fall. Requests to survey AORN membership are a courtesy to members conducting research to fill AORN perioperative nursing research gaps. Please see the new guidelines for 2022: One study (i.e., 2 emails) a month will be reviewed for dissemination, dependent on AORN schedule and priorities.