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1 CH | Sponsored by Intuitive

As cost containment initiatives continue to be a top priority in healthcare, you will acquire insight into how to take these efforts to new levels in robotic surgery. Through analysis and creation of transparency tools, you’ll be able to identify areas for cost savings in your robotic surgery program.

1 CH | Sponsored by Intuitive

As staffing challenges persist, obtain fresh ideas on how to optimize staffing models in your robotics service line. Through careful examination of the surgical schedule and a strategy of deploying resources based on highest need, you'll see how to maximize team members at their highest scope of practice. Sponsored by Intuitive.

Imagine the ability to combine robotic diagnostic imaging and surgical intervention capabilities in one anesthetic episode. This webinar will share learnings and best practices on how to create a team culture which facilitates a safe and efficient workstream in a hybrid operating room.

Prepare preceptors for their critical role in orienting new registered nurses to the perioperative environment.

This document provides guidance for performing safe and effective manual high-level disinfection (HLD) of reusable semicritical items and preventing patient and health care worker injury associated with the handling and use of liquid chemical high-level disinfectants. The public comment period closes June 26th. Comments received after this date will not be considered in the final review. Thank you for your consideration.

Providing professional development opportunities for perioperative teams can accelerate your retention and accreditation efforts. Available for facility purchase only. Learn more about hosting opportunities.

This course features a Virtual Live Panel Discussion and Q and A regarding hot topics in the ASC.

National Time Out Day is a day for every perioperative team member to recommit to patient safety and perform a time out before every surgery.

Make sure your facility has the most current, evidence-based guidelines to ensure safe patient care and worker safety. You'll have access to the recently updated (Nov. 2022) Guideline for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

1 CH, 1 AEU, 1 IPCH

Hear from a seasoned educator and quality assurance manager about how to improve communication between the ORs and SPD, implement best practices in decontamination and sterilization, and optimize the flow of instruments in your facility.

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