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A Successful Periop 101 Program—What Role Do You Play?

Administrators, preceptors, and students all play important roles in the success of your Periop 101 program. AORN provides the tools and resources needed to build the relationships between these roles and to ensure each participant has the individual support needed to be successful.

If you still have questions after reviewing the resources and FAQs below, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with the information you need.


You’ll coordinate the learning activities and clinical preceptorships and monitor the use of AORN’s e-learning platform. This sets the tone of the program and creates the expectations for both the preceptors and students.


You’ll help connect the Periop 101 content to your facility’s clinical practice setting, serving as a role model, perioperative resource, and clinical supervisor.


You’ll receive a complimentary AORN membership to help further your perioperative learning and professional growth. Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for keeping your patients safer by applying your new Periop 101 knowledge at your facility every day.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is included in the Periop 101 online course fee?

    AORN’s Learning Center (ALC) and PERIOP 101: A Core Curriculum™ Didactic Course

    • 2 free Administrator seats
    • 2-year access from the contract start date to the Administrator Implementation Course, course modules, and supporting documents
    • Free preceptor seats based on first-time or renewal purchase:
      • 2 seats for 1-10 student seats
      • 4 seats for 11 or more student seats
    • 3-month access from the time of registration to complete the Preceptor Certificate Program: course, posttest, and evaluation
    • Preceptors do not have access to the student modules
    • 6-month access to the assigned Periop 101 course begins at the time the student accesses the course. The assigned Periop 101 course, course evaluation, and final exam must be completed within the 6-month time frame.
    • A free, one-year AORN membership begins with student access of the first module. If the student is already an AORN member, the free year will be added to the end of their current membership.
    Printable Handouts
    • Within Administrator and Student modules
    Certificate of Mastery

    Includes name, completion date, course title, and contact hours for Administrator, Preceptor, and Student courses.

  • How are the fees structured?
    • Fees are based on how many student seats are purchased at one time.
    • Prices will never be raised during the contract term.
    • Purchased seats can be assigned at any time within the two-year contract term.
    • More seats can be purchased within the contract term.
      • Fees are determined by the number of seats purchased at one time.
      • The largest seat purchase in a contract term locks in the price tier for the balance of the term.
    • Additional seats can be purchased by contacting Experience Services at [email protected], submitting the order form with payment, or through the Facility Contracts Page located on the My AORN section of the AORN website.
    • Seats that are unassigned or unstarted when the two-year term expires are not extended or refunded.
  • Are there any additional fees related to the course?

    Additional fees may include:

    • Administrator seats: $385.00 for each additional seat beyond the 2 free seats included in the initial two-year or renewal contract term.
    • Preceptor seats: $185.00 for each additional seat beyond the 2 or 4 free seats included in the initial two-year or renewal contract term.
    • Student seats: Costs are based on the contract start date and the number of seats purchased at one time.
    • Final Exam fees: If the Periop 101 participant should fail the Final Exam three times, the Administrator can contact AORN at 800-755-2676. All cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • After submitting my Periop 101 Order Form/Terms and Conditions and payment to AORN, what happens next?
    • An email will be sent to the designated Administrator(s). The email contains information for Administrator registration and accessing the required Administrator Implementation Course.
    • Purchase orders are not considered payment. AORN must receive a check, credit card payment, or electronic transfer before Periop 101 is activated.
    • An AORN Account Executive or Account Manager can generate an invoice for facilities.

Seat Information

  • How do I know how many seats I have available?

    Administrators can check their seat counts on their Facility Contracts Page located on the My AORN section of the AORN website.

  • How do I purchase more seats?

    To order additional seats, visit the Periop 101 Order Form web page and fill out and submit the order form that corresponds with the starting year of your last Periop 101 two-year agreement or renewal. Additional seats can also be purchased through the Facility Contracts page or send an email to [email protected].

    Contact AORN Experience Services at [email protected] with any questions.

  • How do I change the student seat type?

    Contact AORN Experience Services at [email protected]. The AORN representative will switch student seats between OR, ASC, and Cesarean Section.

Preceptor and Student Registration

  • How do preceptors and students register?

    To register preceptors and students, please go to the Facility Contracts Page.

Curriculum Resources

  • What additional materials do we need to implement the course?
    • Reading and video resources for the Periop 101 courses are posted online.
    • Each document details the applicable AORN Guideline(s), chapters and page assignments in Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery, video titles, and AORN tool kits and position statement website resources.
    • Resources are included in the Reading and Video Resources document.
    • The online video library subscription (recommended) or DVDs can be purchased by calling CineMed at 800-633-0004. From outside of the US, please call (203)263-0006.  Hours of operation are 9AM to 5PM Eastern time.
    • Video titles can be found online in AORN's Periop Nursing Video Library.

Student Information

  • How long does it typically take for a student to complete the course?
    • Student Access: 6-month access to the assigned Periop 101 course from the date of first module access.
    • Course Completion: Times vary due to class size, student experience, student availability, and resources.
    • Orientation to the healthcare facility’s perioperative services department:
      • 1 year for an inexperienced RN
      • 6 months to 1 year for an OR RN with experience
  • What if a student registers fewer than 6 months from the expiration date of the agreement? Will they still have access for a full 6 months?

    Yes, both the student and Administrator will have access to the program for a full 6 months after the student accesses the first module. First module access must occur prior to the contract end date.

    Contact AORN Experience Services at [email protected] with questions or if the Administrator needs access because the student’s access goes beyond the contract end date.

Final Exam

  • Do students need to complete their entire clinical time in the OR before taking the final exam?

    AORN recommends that students complete a significant portion of their clinical hands-on time in the OR before taking the final exam in order to answer questions regarding patient assessment, decision making, and using analytical, clinical reasoning.

  • How can the student access the final exam?
    • All Periop 101 modules except QSEN must be completed and the posttests passed with a minimum passing score of 80% before the course evaluation is available.
    • The Course Evaluation must be completed before the final exam is accessible
  • What are the requirements for the final exam?
    • The final exam is to be taken and passed with a minimum passing score of 80% in a proctored environment with no electronic devices, books, or notes.
    • There is a four-hour time limit.
    • Information (including a Final Exam Walk-Through) can be found in the Final Exam section in both the Administrator Implementation Course and Student Start-up Guide.