Periop 101: A Core Curriculum™

Preceptors’ Content Guide

AORN provides numerous resources to support your perioperative nurses’ education. Their clinical skills and confidence in the operating room will be strengthened with this comprehensive, evidence-based clinical foundation based on AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. Content is available for online and in-person instruction. 

These resources can be found below and AORN will always be available to provide support and guidance.


Periop 101 Course Information and Outcomes

View the course overviews, purposes, and outcomes for all Periop 101 courses.

Graduate-Level QSEN Competencies

Learn more about the QSEN competencies that Periop 101 incorporates into real-time patient care, case studies, and simulation experiences.

Preceptor Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common Periop 101 questions.

Educational Video Library

Support your perioperative team’s professional development with our Periop 101 videos. Incorporate the videos into your in-service classes or encourage your team to watch to learn at their own pace.

OR NurseLink

Connect with other Periop 101 administrators and find answers to the most pressing questions facing educators.

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