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The No. 1 benefit of rigid containers? That’s easy. They eliminate the punctures and tears of “torn-wrapper” syndrome, which gives you added assurance that your instruments...

Endoscope reprocessing from start to finish. Is perfection possible every time when disinfecting scopes?

6 secrets for cleaning lumened instruments. Follow these tips to keep your central sterile processing department running on all cylinders.

Thinking of buying ... An automated endoscope reprocessor. 7 questions to ask to find the AER that best suits your needs.

Can you speed up your reprocessing department? You can't cut corners or skip steps, but automation can help you get sets back to the OR sooner.

A colonoscope you won't have to reprocess. Forget the dangers and hassles associated with reprocessing with this one-and-done scope that'll sell for about $200.

Our switch from blue wrap to sterile containers. A busy orthopedic hospital's containerizing conversion.

Take better care of your surgical instruments. Tips for extending the lives of your delicate and expensive tools.

The case for rigid containers. Is it time to make a clean break from blue wrap?

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