Product News: August 2022


Great ideas for your OR

Immersive Navigation in Augmented Reality
The VisAR platform from Novarad, which was recently approved by the FDA for precision-guided spine surgery, transforms a patient’s pre-op imaging data into a 3D hologram that’s superimposed onto the surgical field. Surgeons don Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 optical visor to view the information in real time during surgery without having to divert their attention from the patient. Operating room set-up time is less than two minutes and the system boasts a sub-2mm accuracy for pedicle screw placement in open and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Novarad says the platform makes precise spine surgery more accessible and economical. 


A Spine Kit for Surgery Centers
Xenco Medical’s Multilevel CerviKit adds to the company’s line of single-use instruments and implants for two-, three- and four-level anterior cervical spine surgeries. The CerviKit, released specifically for the surgery center setting, contains multilevel anterior cervical plates and highly reinforced composite polymer instruments, which provide surgeons with consistent performance and eliminate the logistics and cost of repeated reprocessing. Xenco Medical says each disposable spine system is sterile-packaged to meet the increased demand for single-use spinal platforms and the growing volume of outpatient cervical spine procedures.


Two Devices in One for Cataract Surgery
LensAR’s Adaptive Cataract Treatment System, the first FDA approved platform that allows surgeons to perform cataract surgery in a single sterile environment, combines a femtosecond laser with a phacomulsification device in a compact footprint for increased clinical efficiencies. The dual-function design allows surgeons to seamlessly transition between the femto and phaco treatments to significantly reduce cataract surgery case times. Surgeons can use the system’s adaptive intelligence technology to reduce the total energy used in the eye and optimize outcomes. 

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