Product News: May 2021


Great ideas for your OR

Stimulating Relief for Chronic Back Pain

The FDA approved new labeling for Medtronic’s Intellis neurostimulator with Differential Target Multiplexed (DTM) programming based on a study that shows the technology is more effective than standard spinal cord stimulation in providing relief from chronic back pain. DTM is a proprietary waveform available on the Intellis platform, an implantable neurostimulator powered by battery technology that allows for faster recharge and a longer lifetime. The neurostimulator automatically adjusts stimulation administration based on the patient’s needs and preferences to ensure the correct pain-relieving therapy is delivered to the right location.

Check for Leaking Seals in Arthroscopic Shavers

The Shaver Leak Tester from Healthmark Industries identifies leaks in arthroscopic shavers caused by failing internal seals that degrade over time due to repeated use and reprocessing. A hand pump and testing stop create positive pressure within a shaver’s fluid pathway to help reprocessing techs determine if seals are intact or if the shaver needs to be sent out for repair. The tester reduces the potential for cross-contamination and costly repair bills resulting from damage caused by the repeated use of leaking shavers.

Greener Anesthesia Care

Arc Medical’s circuitGuard is now Greenhealth Approved, a designation given to environmentally sustainable products that are energy efficient, minimize pollution and made with safe chemicals. The circuitGuard is a bidirectional filter that allows for multiple patient uses of single-use anesthesia breathing circuits — 40 million of which are thrown out each year, according to ARC Medical. Increased use of the circuitGuard in surgical facilities would reduce the number of breathing circuits disposed of on an annual basis by more than 30 million, says the company.

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