Hitting Refresh


Check out the look and function of the magazine’s new website.

I’ll never forget when I first learned of the world wide web. It was the mid-90s and I was in my college apartment watching Seinfeld when my roommate Rob burst through the door, brimming with excitement like he’d just scored tickets to a Counting Crows concert. 

“Take a look at this,” he said and pulled a piece of paper from his backpack. On it was a grainy picture of Mike Schmidt, the Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Fame third baseman and our all-time favorite baseball player.

I was thunderstruck. “Where did you get it?”

“On something called the internet.”

Rob had somehow accessed this new frontier from the school’s computer lab, a small, windowless room where hardly anyone went. Soon, our apartment was covered with printouts of favorite celebrities, from Bruce Springsteen to Baywatch lifeguards. The internet remained an ethereal novelty during our college years and it wasn’t until well into my professional career that I was able to google “googling” on Google.

My familiarity with online content has since evolved, even if my understanding of how websites work remains beginner at best.

During a recent conversation about the direction of our digital content with Joe Paone, a talented member of our editorial team, he said he respects me because I know what I don’t know.

Thanks! I think?

He was talking about my working knowledge of HTML coding, hero images and hosting providers, and he’s right.

Joe has a background in website management and advocated for the editorial team during the redesign and relaunch of outpatientsurgery.net, the magazine’s online resource for top surgical professionals.

He worked tirelessly and attended countless virtual meetings to help make the relaunch a reality. Bea Ebeling, our senior director of publications, expertly spearheaded the project, which began last fall with an aggressive timeline and plenty of hard work ahead to reach the finish line. David Comdico, manager of audience engagement and digital media, and Lissa Reynolds, production and operations coordinator, also played key roles. They teamed with AORN’s talented web development team to create a modern look and upgraded online experience for you, our valued readers. 

You’ll find it easier to access the magazine’s monthly print articles that provide the practical advice you can use to advance your career and run successful facilities. You’ll have access to web exclusive content and stay current of the latest happenings in surgery. With breaking news recaps ripped from the headlines and investigative in-the-trenches original reporting, you’ll want to check in on a daily basis.

The site will be dynamic and interactive, serving as an online meeting place where you can connect with colleagues from around the country to share your best tips and top advice. We’re looking forward to seeing the website reach its full potential as a dynamic information hub and virtual community. 

Twenty-five years ago, about the time I found out the internet was even a thing, Bill Gates penned an essay entitled Content Is King. He predicted the worldwide dissemination of online content and said print magazines that produced compelling digital material with added depth and interactivity would thrive. He said readers who take the time to log on must be rewarded with deep and up-to-date information. He was right ... he’s Bill Gates after all.

Our skilled and versatile editors are looking foward to advancing our magazine’s offerings by delivering timely articles, hot topics and expert advice on the new-look website. Check it out and send us your thoughts. I think you’ll like the refresh as much as we do. OSM

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