Product News: January 2021


Great Ideas for Your OR

A Gown Built for Safety and Convenience 

A Gown Built for Safety and Convenience

The EZDoff line of medical-grade gowns from ProTEC-USA is built for ease of application. The one-size-fits-all gowns feature perforated rear yokes for easy doffing. Sleeves with thumb loops ensure arm and wrist protection, and enable simultaneous glove donning. An apron closure and open-back design cool off the wearer, who doesn't need to touch the gown's outer surface to remove it. The gowns conform with AAMI PB70 Barrier Level 1, 2 and 3 standards, making them able to withstand water spray and water penetration under constant contact with increasing pressure.

Customized Total Knees 

Customized Total Knees

The Conformis iTotal Identity knee system is now available in both posterior stabilized (PS) and cruciate retaining (CR) options. The customized patient- specific system consists of implants, a preoperative surgical plan and a comprehensive set of 3D- printed instruments. The new features of the implants include stem extensions for high-BMI patients, titanium tibial baseplates with patient-specific cement rails, and metal cut guides and refined instruments for a more traditional bone-cutting experience.

Customized Total Knee\s 

Low-friction Patient Transfers

The new Sandel Z-slider XL from Ansell is designed for the safe lateral transfer, repositioning and pronating of bariatric and tall patients. Staff members place the 53-inch long slider under the draw sheet before moving patients to reduce the risk of back and musculoskeletal injuries. The sheets have no weight limit, come in convenient point-of-use dispensers and are single-use to eliminate cross-contamination risks.

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