The Physician Pay Cut Fallout

Medicare reductions will have downstream consequences for many ASCs — and their older patients.

Keep Up With the Colonoscopy Boom

Advances in technology and technique leave facilities well-equipped to tackle the upcoming surge.

The Secrets of a Successful Surgical Smoke Evacuation Program

Here’s how a leading cancer center rolled out its plan.

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January 2023

Capitalize on Joint Replacement Innovations

Robotics, computer navigation and more make a splash in arthroplasty.

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Momentum Growing for Opioid-Free Surgery

Inside the alternative intra- and post-op pain management approaches that have a major impact on outcomes, safety and satisfaction.

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Special Edition: January - Focus on Staffing

Taking the Pulse: What the 2022 Salary and Workforce Survey Reveals

Throughout another difficult year, surgical leaders continued to fight to keep their careers — and facilities — headed in the right direction. Here’s what they had to say.

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It’s Time to Build a Resilient Staff and Become a Resilient Leader

Becoming stronger requires honest work, but pays huge dividends as everyone moves forward together.

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