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Has COVID-19 Changed Anesthesia Care for Good?
The pandemic put renewed focus on airway management and infection control practices.
Pam Wrobleski
Publish Date: March 9, 2021   |  Tags:   COVID-19
GEARED UP Anesthesia providers have been forced to wear additional layers of protection during the pandemic.   |   All photos by Pam Wrobleski

As the president of a ?full-service anesthesia group, my number one goal has always been to protect my staff and our patients. That priority has certainly been put to the test during the pandemic. My group's providers implemented a number of new airway management policies and infection prevention protocols after the first wave hit to ensure we could continue to provide safe patient care. I believe some of the steps we've taken to minimize exposure risks to COVID-19 have improved our overall practices and should remain in place when surgery's regular routines finally return.

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