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The Surge of Total Joints and Spine Surgeries in ASCs
Outpatient Surgery Magazine Podcast

Welcome to the Outpatient Surgery Magazine Podcast, hosted by Bea Riemschneider Ebeling, Senior Director of Publications, Outpatient Surgery Division, AORN.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine would like to acknowledge the support of Stryker for sponsoring this Podcast Episode, which features a conversation about the changing world of the ambulatory surgery center – with a special focus on the recently published article series in Outpatient Surgery Magazine. We take a closer look at the solutions, strategies and steps required to provide ASC owners and leaders with the best environment, equipment and workflow strategies to succeed.

The Surge of Total Joints and Spine Surgeries in ASCs - Sponsored by Stryker
Publish Date: June 27, 2022

Thanks go to Stryker for their support of this three-part article series, published and available online in the February, March and April 2022 issues. In this Podcast, our expert guest is Dr. Joseph Nessler from the St. Cloud (Minn.) Surgery Center, who recently renovated his surgery center with an 8,000-square-foot addition and two new ORs. 

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies that offers inno­vative products and services in Orthopedics, Medical and Surgical devices, Neurotechnology and Spine to help make healthcare better for both patients and healthcare pro­fessionals. To meet the unique needs of the growing total joints and orthopedic surgeries in the ASC, Stryker launched an ASC-focused business in 2020.

With thousands of unique and clinically proven products spanning more than 20 procedural specialties, a wide range of flexible financial options and teams who understand the ASC landscape, Stryker is committed to delivering tailored solutions and ongo­ing support for ASCs to achieve their mission and goals.

Learn about what it takes to upgrade your ASC, develop a successful total joints program, work with a partner to conquer challenges – and take your facility to the next step.