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Guest Editor: Everyday Miracles
Orthopedics serves as the vanguard of transformational care.
David J. Uba, MBA
Publish Date: September 22, 2022   |  Tags:   Opinion Patient Experience Orthopedics
GROUP EFFORT David Uba, MBA, credits the staff of his facility for the life-changing care that leads to sky-high patient satisfaction rates.

In 2019, my then 75-year-old mother fell down a steep flight of stairs while visiting friends at a New York City apartment. It was a violent trauma that left her with multiple fractures in her spine, a broken distal radius and a deformed proximal humerus. Prior to her fall, my mother was in top health and had an uneventful medical history. Only these factors, and a little bit of luck, prevented a more disastrous outcome.

After four surgeries, including spinal fusions, the insertion of plates and screws to repair her wrist, and a reverse total shoulder replacement, the long process of rehabilitation and healing began. It will come as no surprise to anyone in orthopedics to hear how this story ends. By the first anniversary of her fall, my mother was fully healed and physically functional, with no limitations on her daily living activities. My mother is now 78, and it’s rare that her accident even comes up in conversation. It’s not because she’s forgotten what happened; such an event isn’t something you can easily forget. My mother doesn’t talk about the accident because there’s not much to say. Talented and mission-driven professionals fully restored her quality of life. What she does talk about, however, is the care she received after her accident.

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