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Surface Disinfection Done Right
Effective cleaning requires the proper tools, tactics and technologies — and a safety-first culture.
Frank Myers, MA, CIC, FAPIC
Surface Disinfection
TOUCH AND GO Door handles and other high-contact surfaces should be cleaned between each case to reduce the risk of infections.

Most surgical professionals are relatively knowledgeable about the best surface cleaning practices, and tried-and-true manual methods remain the best way to prevent the next patient from contracting an infection from the patient who was in the room before them. Yet there are still staff members who don’t keep cleaning agents on surfaces long enough for them to be effective or who usher turnover teams out of ORs to keep the schedule on track — even when the next patient hasn’t been adequately prepped for their procedure in the pre-op bay. These traits can put patients in danger and a facility’s accreditation status in peril.

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