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Airway Management in the COVID-19 Era
Anesthesia providers must take additional steps to perform intubations safely and effectively.
Brett Morgan
Publish Date: January 6, 2021   |  Tags:   Anesthesia
DRESSED IN LAYERS The pandemic has highlighted the importance of wearing proper protection when intubating patients.   |   Rebecca Barnett

COVID-19 has all healthcare workers on edge — especially those involved in airway management. The coronavirus is found in sputum and upper airway secretions, putting anesthesia providers in a direct pathway of exposure during intubations. Minimizing the risk of transmission during these high-risk procedures requires careful preparation, necessary equipment and experienced anesthesia providers who can troubleshoot unforeseen complications. Adhering to the following recommendations (osmag.net/n7JbED) issued by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists will help keep your anesthesia providers and surgical team safe when treating patients who are suspected of having COVID-19.

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