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Great ideas for your OR
OSD Staff
Publish Date: March 9, 2021   |  Tags:   Product News
Joint Replacements 

Hand-held Robotics for Joint Replacements

Smith+Nephew's new CORI Surgical System is a surgeon-controlled robotic platform that doesn't work off of the pre-operative CT-scans or MRIs other robotic and navigation systems require. Instead, the CORI system allows surgeons to create a customized 3D digital model of each patient's knee to determine where the implant should be placed in order to provide optimal function and faster recovery. The CORI system, which is available for both unicompartmental and total knee replacements, features a small, portable design that makes it well-suited for outpatient surgery.

Joint Replacements\ 

Sponge Detection

With EHR Integration Stryker has updated its popular SurgiCount sponge detection system with a new surgical tablet that features complete EHR integration. The vendor claims this upgrade as a category first that can better enhance and enable nurse workflow, charting and back-end compliance. After case closure and successful data transmission, the EHR can be updated with encrypted data such as confirmation that SurgiCount was used, a summary of the sponge count and the SurgiCount Case ID. The ability to aggregate, track and report all activity provides administrators with a comprehensive look at the life cycle of safety sponges in a facility, says Stryker.

Intubating Aid During the Pandemi\c 

Intubating Aid During the Pandemic

Zeiss's new NURA video laryngoscope provides high-quality, indirect views of laryngeal and oropharyngeal anatomy, allowing anesthesia providers to put a safe distance between themselves and patients during intubation. The scope's disposable Macintosh blade has integrated LED illumination and a camera that attaches to a reusable display unit. Zeiss donated the device to facilities in pandemic hotspots before offering them in the consumer market.

New and Improved IO\Ls 

New and Improved IOLs

The FDA has approved Johnson & Johnson's TECNIS EyhanceTM and TECNIS EyhanceTM Toric II lenses for implantation during cataract surgery. Both monofocal IOLs feature refractive surfaces and unique shapes designed to extend depth of focus and provide better image contrast in low light. The lenses come preloaded in the company's single-use Simplicity System, which allows surgeons to place the IOLs in the capsular bag safely and efficiently.

Cataract Surgery Efficie\ncy 

Big Boost to Cataract Surgery Efficiency

Zeiss Medical's Veracity Surgical web-based platform integrates and organizes medical records, diagnostic devices and targeted refractive outcomes to simplify and streamline the workflows of busy cataract surgeons. During surgery, surgeons can configure the platform's preferences to automate as much or as little of the surgical plan as they want. The platform can be used to document case details and create custom operative notes for every patient. It also integrates with most electronic medical records, allowing for powerful analysis of post-op data and refractive outcomes.

CoolSeal Tri\nity 

Safe Vessel Sealing

The CoolSeal Trinity from Bolder Surgical is a 5mm laparoscopic device that employs bipolar radiofrequency energy to dissect, seal and divide blood vessels. Its low-power capability and thermal spread of less than 1mm helps to prevent damage to nearby tissue. The device's dual-action jaws, which allow for precise dissection and fast sealing times, remain cool at all times to prevent inadvertent harm to tissues throughout procedures.