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Mentor Information 

Becoming a mentor in AORN’s Member Mentor Program will be a rewarding journey that could lead to career-long, or even life-long, friendships. Sharing your expertise can help newcomers to the perioperative field flourish in their careers, and it gives you the opportunity to shape the future of this celebrated profession.

Being a mentor reminded me what it was like to be lost and defeated. Being able to share my experiences with them and provide any comfort that it will get better inspired me to try a mentorship with new grads at my hospital.

— Previous mentor participant

How Do I Qualify to Be a Mentor?

  • You must be a current AORN member.
  • We recommend 5+ years of experience in the perioperative specialty.
  • You can commit to supporting your mentee through regular virtual meetings/check-ins.
  • You can commit to the program through May 31, 2023.

Applications for the 2022-2023 AORN Member Mentor Program are now closed. Check back to see when the next program period opens.


What's Expected of Mentors?

  • In mid-October, you will receive an email with your mentee’s contact information. This is your cue to reach out to them, introduce yourself, and set up your first meeting on whichever platform works for you both (Zoom, Google Meet, phone, email, etc.). 
  • Work with your mentee to establish a set of goals they would like to accomplish in the program that you can work toward each time you speak.
  • Schedule regular meetings through May 31, 2023. We recommend you spend at least one hour each month speaking/communicating with your mentee.
  • Provide guidance to your mentee in the areas they identify as most useful.   
  • Be an active listener.


What Topics Should I Be Prepared to Discuss with My Mentee?

While mentees will provide their specific goals, be prepared to provide guidance on any of the following topics.

  • Improving communications and other soft skills
  • How to navigate the OR early in his/her career
  • Your mentee’s professional goals and guidance on achieving those goals
  • New career opportunities you’re aware of that fit your mentees career path
  • Ways to improve clinical practice (sharing learning resources, events/seminars, etc.)
  • Pursuing an advanced degree
  • How to maximize AORN Membership
  • Getting more involved with AORN
  • Offering personal encouragement
  • Any other professional topics your mentee expresses an interest in discussing


What Program Support Does AORN Offer?

  • Monthly check-in communications that offer program tips and conversation prompts.
  • A dedicated forum for AORN Member Mentor Program participants via OR NurseLink.
  • A collection of resources to guide you and your mentee in establishing program goals, focused conversations, and a successful experience.