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Mentee Information 

Connecting with a mentor in AORN’s Member Mentor Program can help you expand your knowledge in the perioperative profession, further your career, and find greater satisfaction in your work. Your mentor will be a guide for achieving whatever your career goals may be and could become a career-long friend.

Being able to connect with someone who had such a wide range of experience and successes was very interesting and the resources and connections my mentor was able to provide were invaluable.

— Previous mentee participant

How Do I Qualify to Participate?

  • You must be a current AORN member.
  • You must be new to the perioperative specialty (less than five years).   
  • You can commit to regular meetings/check-ins with your mentor.   
  • You can commit to the program through May 31, 2023.

Applications for the 2022-2023 AORN Member Mentor Program are now closed. Check back to see when the next program period opens.


What Does the Mentorship Process Look Like?

  • In mid-October, you will receive an email with your mentor’s contact information. Your mentor should reach out to you, but you can also contact him/her to introduce yourself and set up your first meeting on whichever platform works for you both (Zoom, Google Meet, phone, etc.).
  • Be prepared to discuss a set of goals you’d like to accomplish in the program that you can work toward each time you speak.    
  • Schedule regular meetings through May 31, 2023. We recommend you spend at least one hour each month speaking/communicating with your mentor.
  • Your mentor will provide you with guidance in the areas you identify as most useful.


What Topics Should I Consider Discussing with My Mentor?

  • Improving communications and other soft skills
  • How to navigate the OR as a newcomer
  • Your professional goals and ideas for achieving those goals
  • New career opportunities that align to your career path
  • Ways to improve clinical practice
  • Pursuing an advanced degree
  • How to maximize AORN Membership
  • Getting more involved with AORN
  • Challenges your experiencing at the workplace and exploring solutions


What Program Support Does AORN Offer?

  • Monthly check-in communications that offer program tips and conversation prompts.
  • A dedicated forum for AORN Member Mentor Program participants via OR NurseLink.
  • A collection of resources to guide you and your mentor in establishing program goals, focused conversations, and a successful experience.