Facility Membership (RN)

Why is AORN Relevant to Your Facility?

AORN's Facility Group Membership is a solution for health care facilities to address common education challenges facing many ORs today by providing the needed tools to build a culture of safety, elevate the standard of care, and improve patient outcomes.

For more information, including Facility Group Membership rates, contact Jacqueline Estlund at (800-755-2676 Ext. 208).

For more information, including Facility Group Membership rates:

Contact Jacqueline Estlund at (800-755-2676 Ext. 208).

Meet Facility Goals

Patient safety is paramount in any perioperative setting. Let AORN's Facility Membership provide evidence-based practice resources to help you and your staff implement the Guidelines for Perioperative Practice and achieve success.
  • Implement a standardized education curriculum: Raise staff competency levels and meet Magnet™ requirements.

  • Improve your on-boarding process: Give staff members confidence to administer the highest level of patient care.

  • Provide first-in-class educational resources: Support practice excellence and optimal outcomes, and build a strong, cohesive nursing team.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education support: Attract and retain quality staff, and help develop new nursing leaders.

*Magnet™ is a trademark of the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Facility Membership Benefits

Membership Requirements

To enjoy the Facility Membership savings, a minimum of 6 members is required. Facility members who are RNs may hold office and vote in the House of Delegates.