State Council Affiliate Status

State councils that elect affiliate status with AORN receive certain benefits. Each affiliate state council must follow the mission and core values of AORN. AORN affiliate state councils operate with autonomy and financial independence, maintaining their own corporate and financial records.

State councils that wish to be AORN affiliates must sign the Affiliate State Council Agreement and meet the following criteria.

  • Affiliate state council voting members shall be registered professional nurses or individuals who provide or provided direct or indirect perioperative services, and who support the mission of AORN. All state council members must be current members of AORN.
  • Affiliate state councils may have non-voting members that mirror AORN membership categories.
  • Obtain an IRS Employee Identification Number (EIN) and comply with all federal and state tax laws.
  • Provide EIN number and certificate of incorporation (if applicable under state requirements) to AORN.
  • Sign the Affiliate State Council Agreement, fill out the Affiliate State Council Fact Sheet and Officer Update Form, and return all forms to AORN.
  • Provide annual reporting of officers and committee chairs to AORN via AORN's online submission form after each election cycle.
  • Provide AORN a current copy of the state council's bylaws.
  • Communicate legislative and educational activities to AORN.
  • Assign a legislative liaison that may also be the acting AORN state legislative coordinator.

AORN Benefits for All (Affiliate and Non-Affiliate) State Councils

AORN provides the following benefits and services to all state councils:

  • Maintain state council files and records provided to AORN by the state council.
  • Offer an online submission form to update state council officers after each election cycle.
  • Provide coordination and legislative support from the AORN Government Affairs Department.
  • Host a monthly conference call for state councils and state legislative coordinators.

AORN Benefits for Affiliate State Councils

In addition to the benefits listed above, AORN provides the following benefits and services to affiliate state councils:

  • Distribute in-state chapter presidents' names and email addresses to state council leaders upon request.
  • Host state council website via ORNurseLink.
  • Offer the option to include the tagline "an affiliate of AORN" in the state council's formal name or, with specific written approval from AORN, to use the term AORN in the name of the state council.
  • Offer mailing labels through the AORN Sales Department at a discounted rate.

NOTE: In accordance with AORN's privacy policy, all chapter membership lists must be obtained through the chapter president. AORN cannot release chapter membership information to state councils.