Nominating Committee

Preparing Candidates

AORN’s Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing and presenting a slate of candidates.

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(Left to right) Vangie Dennis (Advisor), Daphny Peneza, Olivia Raymond, Charlie Lin (Chair), Stella Yau, and Natalie Jones.

Olivia Raymond, BSN, RN, CNOR

Nominating Committee Member

Olivia Jean Raymond, BSN, RN, CNOR, is a professional nurse III, robotic coordinator at Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine. She earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of New England, Biddeford, Maine.

Raymond has been a perioperative nurse for five years and a member of AORN for four years. She is a member of

  • State of Maine Chapter (2017-present) and
  • the Leadership Specialty Assembly (2020-present).

Raymond has attended Congress two times in the past 10 years, each time as a delegate.

Raymond has received

  • a Rising Star Award (2017) and
  • Employee of the Month, Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine (2021).

Highlights of Raymond’s service to AORN include that she is

  • a member of the Continuing Education Approval Committee (2021-present) and
  • a member of the AORN Member Mentor Program (2021-present).

She has been

  • president of State of Maine Chapter (2019-2021),
  • president-elect of State of Maine Chapter (2019), and
  • secretary of State of Maine Chapter (2018-2019).

In other leadership roles, Raymond is

  • a member of the American Nurses Association (2020-present) and
  • secretary of the Operating Room Unit-Based Council, Northern Light Mercy Hospital (2020-present).

She has been

  • a graduate of Lunder-Dineen Maine Nursing Preceptor Education Program (2019),
  • a graduate of the Northern Light Professional and Organizational Development Program (2018-2019), and
  • chair of the Operating Room Unit-Based Council at Northern Light Mercy Hospital (2019-2020).

In her community, Raymond has been

  • a volunteer for Preble Street Kitchen in Portland, Maine (2020);
  • a volunteer vaccinator at COVID-19 vaccination clinic (2021);
  • a volunteer at the Portland, Maine Refugee Asylum (2019); and
  • a member of the Northern Light Mercy Hospital softball team (2021).

Election Statement

I am a young, proud member of AORN and am honored to be a candidate for the AORN Nominating Committee. Perioperative nursing is my passion and has led me to become a service lead, robotic coordinator, and relief charge nurse. Recognized by my peers and colleagues as a nurse leader, I am dedicated to my patients, team members, and professional nursing association—AORN.

Over the past three years I have had the privilege of serving my local Maine AORN chapter. As a chapter officer, I know the importance and challenge of encouraging member and nonmember engagement. Exploring new ways to connect with nurses is key to growing and maintaining our association.

Alongside Maine nurse leaders, I have educated Maine legislative representatives on clearing the air of surgical smoke. Utilizing solution-based communication and compromise while working on this project, are skills that I developed that are essential for a resourceful Nominating Committee. The primary function of the Nominating Committee is to develop a strong ballot. I am prepared to seek innovative and talented candidates for AORN’s future. I pledge to evaluate each nominees’ application for what they bring to the table as we develop the ballot. I will be a strong, accessible advocate for the candidates selected as they go through the election process.

As a candidate for the Nominating Committee, I am asking for your support. I will commit my energy to identifying and presenting the next generation of potential leaders, to you, who will ensure AORN’s continued growth.

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