Nominating Committee

Preparing Candidates

AORN’s Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing and presenting a slate of candidates.

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(Left to right) Vangie Dennis (Advisor), Daphny Peneza, Olivia Raymond, Charlie Lin (Chair), Stella Yau, and Natalie Jones.

Hung Fu “Charlie” Lin, MSN, APRN, NP-C, CNOR

Nominating Committee Chair

Hung-Fu Charlie Lin, MSN, APRN, NP-C, CNOR, CNAMB, is a nurse practitioner in pediatric otolaryngology and a clinical assistant professor at Stanford Children’s Health, Palo Alto, California; and adjunct faculty - RN first assistant at Delaware County Community College, Media, Pennsylvania. He earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Master of Science in nursing from West Texas A&M University, Canyon; and an RN first assistant certificate from Delaware County Community College, Media, Pennsylvania.

Lin has been a perioperative nurse for nine years and a member of AORN for seven years. He is a member of

  • AORN of North Texas (2015-present),
  • AORN Silicon Valley CA (2019-present),
  • the RNFA Specialty Assembly (2017-present),
  • the Advanced Practice Nursing Specialty Assembly (2017-present), and
  • the Pediatric Specialty Assembly (2016-present).

He has been a member of

  • AORN Connecticut Chapter I (2018-2019) and
  • eChapter (2016-2017).

Lin has attended Congress five times in the past 10 years, each time as a delegate.

Lin has received

  • an AORN Top 40 Under Forty Award (2017),
  • an OWL (Outstanding With Literature) Award (2021), and
  • a Five Star Spirit Award (2013).

Highlights of Lin’s service to AORN include that he is

  • chair of the RNFA Specialty Assembly (2021-present),
  • secretary of AORN Silicon Valley CA (2020-present),
  • education co-chair of AORN of North Texas (2021-present),
  • legislative chair of the Advanced Practice Nursing Specialty Assembly (2021-present),
  • chair-elect of the AORN Scholarship Committee (2021-present).

He has been

  • a member of the AORN Connecticut Chapter I Board of Directors (2018-2019),
  • co-chair of the AORN Connecticut Chapter I Legislative Committee (2018-2019),
  • co-chair of the AORN Connecticut Chapter I Bylaws Committee (2018-2019),
  • secretary of AORN of North Texas (2016-2018), and
  • communications chair of the RNFA Specialty Assembly (2020-2021).

In other leadership roles, Lin is

  • a member of the Nurse Practitioner Education Enhancement and Sustainment Committee, American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2020-present);
  • chair of the Advanced Practice Provider Information Technology Committee, Stanford Children’s Hospital (2020-present);
  • a CNOR coach for the Competency & Credentialing Institute (2020-present);
  • a member of the Nurse Leadership Team, LEAP Global Missions (2015-present); and
  • a clinical research coordinator, Stanford Sinus Center (2020-present).

In his community, Lin has been

  • a youth counselor at Asian American Baptist Church (2015-2017),
  • a youth counselor at Dallas Chinese Fellowship Church (2012-2018), and
  • a youth counselor at Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Hartford (2018-2019).

Election Statement

Health care disparities continue challenging the well-being of patient-centered care, testing our daily perioperative practice as evidenced by the pandemic. The decisions of today continue to shape the health care landscape of the future including the leadership of our association. At the forefront in promoting safe surgery, AORN’s leadership must remain relevant by focusing on member needs by addressing challenges impacting the profession of today and future.

As a first-generation Taiwanese American male nurse, I have worked to overcome sociocultural norms and professional expectations as a rising perioperative leader and strong advocate for my patients as a nurse practitioner and RN first assistant. As one of AORN’s Forty Under 40, I am ready to serve our members with previous experience as nominating committee chair for a national health care student organization at the state level. Serving in leadership within my chapters and Specialty Assemblies has helped develop the groundwork for my success.

The foundation of my service is to inspire the next generation of perioperative leaders. Paying forward professional mentorship and collaboration will be my cornerstone in guiding members interested in pursuing higher levels of leadership within AORN. As our profession continues to rise to meet challenges impacting health care, nursing must continue to remain adaptable, innovative, and creative. Real-world issues such as workplace civility and diversity, equity, and inclusion must continually be addressed. My responsibility is to my patients and you, the members. I will always strive for perioperative excellence serving you as a leader on the AORN Nominating Committee.

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