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Patient and Worker Safety Online Courses

Obtain the clinical knowledge and skills to keep both your patients and team safe with the following online courses.

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Anesthesia Course

Increase understanding of anesthesia to help the anesthesia provider in delivering safe patient care.

Assessment Course

Learn the physiological and psychosocial aspects of the perioperative assessment.

Endoscopic Surgery Course

Acquire basic understanding of the considerations for a patient undergoing minimally invasive or endoscopic surgery.

Guidelines Online Assessment

Identifies gaps in knowledge of the current Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

Health Care Information Management Course

Learn to use the nursing process in documenting safe and effective patient care in the perioperative setting.

High-Level Disinfection

Increase understanding of the evidence-based practices needed for performing safe and effective high-level disinfection.

Laser Safety Certificate Program

Learn the foundation of laser biophysics, tissue interaction, and laser safety in a medical environment.

Medication Safety Online Assessment

Identify knowledge gaps related to perioperative medications and safe patient practices.

Moderate Sedation

Learn how to administrate moderate sedation/analgesia through all intraoperative phases of care.

Medications Course

Understand safe and accurate administration and documentation of intraoperative medications and solutions.

Older Adult

Understand the physiological, cognitive/psychosocial, and sociological care of the older adult.

Postanesthesia Care Course

Understand the scope of perianesthesia nursing and the skill sets needed to perform this role.

Patient Safety Course

Learn how to apply safety principles specific to care of patient in the surgical suite.

Patient Positioning Course

Learn how to safely position patients for an invasive or noninvasive procedure.

Radiation Safety

Identify how to protect both patients and healthcare workers during radiological procedures in the surgical setting.

Safe Environment of Care

Identify and minimize the potential environmental hazards to patients and healthcare workers.

Surgical Specimens Course

Understand the care and handling of specimens.

Transmissible Infection Prevention Course

Learn how to minimize the risk of transmitting patient and healthcare worker infections in the surgical setting.

Wound Closure and Healing Course

Understand wound closure principles and how their application in the surgical setting can contribute to optimal outcomes.