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Carol D. Applegeet, MSN, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, FAORN, FAAN

Carol ApplegeetCarol’s contributions to perioperative nursing are diverse.  In the 1990’s Carol represented AORN at the AHRQ, to identify components of effective and quality patient care.  As a result, AORN established the Project Team on the Effectiveness Initiative which led to the development of Syntegrity.  A focus on ambulatory surgery started in 1982 when she opened a physician owned freestanding surgery center. She became a national speaker on the topic and focused AORN in the ambulatory surgery arena.  Carol was appointed to the first Test Specifications Committee to conduct a job analysis of perioperative nursing, resulting in the basis for the initial and subsequent certification exams for perioperative nursing.


Joy Don BakerDr. Joy Don Baker’s 45-year nursing career has progressed from private scrub to Perioperative Director, AORN Journal Editor-in-Chief, and Clinical Professor of Nursing. Dr Baker writes, speaks, and mentors on writing for publication. Through serving on the Data Elements Coordinating Committee and chairing the DECC Outcomes Team her work led to the development of the 28 initial perioperative outcomes for the PNDS and continues to serve as foundational elements. Dr. Baker served as key personnel in securing a $700,000 HRSA grant for Advanced Nursing Education. Establishing the Baker Family Research Endowment through the Foundation attests to her commitment to perioperative research.

Terri Goodman, PhD, RN, CNOR, FAORN

Terri GoodmanDr. Goodman is a pioneer in the transition to electronic communication. She was a catalyst for advancing communication resources for AORN and AORN chapters. In 2002, she built a website for the newly-formed eChapter’ providing a platform to share information and stimulate connection among members. She helped chapters explore electronic communication options to engage members and was the first to build a website on the Nursing Network platform, using the eChapter website as a prototype, encouraging and mentoring other chapters to build websites of their own.  More than 40 AORN chapters currently have websites on the Nursing Network platform.

Charlotte L. Guglielmi, MA, BSN, RN, CNOR, FAORN

Charlotte GuglielmiCharlotte is a champion for patient safety, renowned for her work on high performance teams. She has had a career as a clinician, manager, educator, and administrator and is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant presenting to over 125 international, national and local audiences. Charlotte authored numerous articles and book chapters, including the AORN Journal Table Talk Column where she inspired multidisciplinary teams to dialogue on clinical issues. Charlotte’s service to AORN spans decades; as AORN President, Foundation Trustee and Liaison to Professional societies. Charlotte’s many awards include the AORN Award for Excellence and she leads by example to ensure AORN’s viability. Her career demonstrates that simple moments of safely caring for patients define perioperative excellence.

Kathryn Schroeter, PhD, MA-Bioethics, MS, RN, CNE, CNOR, FAORN

Kathryn SchroeterDr. Schroeter’s accomplishments have advanced perioperative nursing and AORN in the areas of Ethics, Education, Research, and Leadership. As contributing author of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, lead author of the AORN Explications of the ANA Code of Ethics for perioperative nursing practice and as member and Chair of the ANA’s Center for Ethics and Human Rights Ethics Advisory Board, I am a voice of the nursing profession and specifically of perioperative nursing. She has served as Editor of: SSM - Surgical Services Management & SSM Online, Perioperative Services: Administration, Resource Management, and Patient Care and the Journal of Trauma Nursing. Kathryn designed and teaches undergraduate courses in Perioperative Nursing and a Perioperative Immersion Clinical.

Patricia C. Seifert, MSN, RN, CNOR, CRNFA(E), FAORN, FAAN

Patricia SeifertThe bedrock of my lifework is cardiac surgery. Service as a clinician/RNFA, manager, and educator provided deep insights into the needs of patients, nurses, surgeons, and others. My desire to keep learning and to share that learning resulted in the first comprehensive textbook on the perioperative nursing care of cardiac surgery patients (1994). I created competencies, a cardiac education curriculum, critical thinking exercises, and step-by-step descriptions of cardiac procedures. I included “pearls” by RNs and MDs and showcased early RN cardiac surgery leaders (with photographs). Numerous publications, lectures, invited reviews and critiques, and mentorships attest to my expertise and dedication.

Victoria M. Steelman, PhD, RN, CNOR, FAORN, FAAN

Victoria SteelmanI have dedicated my professional career to providing and promoting excellent patient care, focusing on evidence-based practice (EBP). As a CNS at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, I implemented EBPs. Our team developed the Iowa Model of Evidence-based Practice which has been implemented in all 50 states, the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and 42 other countries. I have used this model to develop protocols locally and shared the knowledge gained through national and international presentations and numerous publications. Most recently I have been conducting research to fill our knowledge gaps and enhance patient safety. I have shared this passion by contributing to AORN committees as well as serving on the Board of Directors and as President.

Brenda C. Ulmer, RN, MN, CNOR, FAORN

Brenda UlmerThe recurring focus in my career has been surgical smoke.  As chair of a Board subcommittee the 1996 and 1997 smoke roundtable discussions occurred.  A 2006 Task Force on smoke resulted in a Position Statement and a Smoke Took Kit.  Over the years I have lectured globally and written extensively about the hazards of surgical smoke. In 2016 I severed as the subject matter expert for the Go Clear program, and in 2017 provided input into the Guideline on Surgical Smoke.  Recent work is legislatively in Georgia with both House and Senate bills that will be considered in 2022.

V. Doreen Wagner, PhD, RN, CNOR, FAORN, FAAN

V. Doreen WagnerFor over two decades, Dr. Wagner has focused on advancing perioperative patient safety at the state, national, and global levels. As a perioperative nurse expert and educator, she has a sustained record of evidence-based practice, policy, and research dissemination through her presentations, publications, webinars and podcasts. Her program of research involves unplanned hypothermia and its relationship to complications such as intraoperatively acquired pressure ulcers, surgical stress, and postoperative delirium. She has improved perioperative patient outcomes through evidence-based practice guideline development and her research on unplanned hypothermia. Additionally, Dr. Wagner’s policy work includes legislative activism in the Georgia Nurses Association and the Georgia Council of Perioperative Registered Nurses.

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