Creating Chapter Bylaws

The structure of any association begins with its bylaws - they are the foundation of their organization. Each AORN Chapter approves and is governed by their Chapter bylaws. Certain parts of Chapter bylaws must be consistent with those of the AORN Bylaws. Article II of the AORN bylaws cannot be amended and must be adopted by the Chapter as stated. All other sections of the bylaws may be customized to meet individual Chapter needs.

To clarify what is required versus what can be amended for your Chapter, you may want to reorganize your Chapter bylaws as recommended in the Chapter Bylaws Guidelines (Word Doc). This format has two separate sections – Part One includes the mandatory article and wording that is consistent with the National bylaws, and Part Two includes the articles that your Chapter can customize to meet your needs.

Procedures for Chapter Bylaws Review

Procedures for Chapter Bylaws Review

Take the time to review your Chapter bylaws every year - these are the governance rules for your Chapter. If your rules are not working, change them to fit what works best for YOUR Chapter (quorum percentage for conducting business during a meeting, eligibility for elective office, etc).

Remember… all bylaw changes must be made in accordance with the amendment provision in your bylaws.

Bylaws should be reviewed for updates and signed no less than every other year, with a copy sent to AORN Chapter Relations. Contact Chapter Relations at (800) 755-2676, if you need assistance or have questions on your bylaws.

Policy Manuals

The Chapter bylaws may be supplemented by a Chapter policy and procedure manual, to provide information on day-to-day operations, reimbursement, delegate duties and reimbursement, etc. To determine whether an item should be a part of the bylaws or written as a policy, think about the process. Bylaws are the rules and structure of your Chapter - policies are the general instructions for operations, such as finances, delegate information, committee descriptions, etc. Below are a few sample Chapter policies that you can review and customize for your Chapters. Special thanks to Chapters 1004 South Florida; 1602 Dubuqeland, IA; and 2301 Metro Detroit, MI, for sharing their manuals.