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March 2019 Issue

This March issue includes a CE article on the wide range of regenerative modalities used for treating chronic and complex wounds, including decellularized scaffolds, living engineered donor tissues, autologous stem cells, and recombinant growth factors; and a CE article on advances in minimally invasive surgery and the unique needs of the perioperative team and patients related to this type of surgery.

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Featured CE Articles

Regenerative Wound Surgery: Practical Application of Regenerative Medicine in the OR

Chronic nonhealing wounds cause significant morbidity and mortality and remain a challenging condition to treat. Regenerative wound surgery involves operative debridement of wounds to remove dead and healing-impaired tissue and bacterial contamination and, subsequently, the application of regenerative medicine treatments to accelerate healing. This article highlights some of the common and emerging regenerative treatments that are applied in wound surgery and focuses on how the products are used practically in the OR.

Back to Basics: Minimally Invasive Surgery

The needs of the perioperative team and patients are different during minimally invasive surgery (MIS) than during traditional open surgery. The equipment and instrumentation required to perform MIS are extensive and continue to evolve as new techniques are developed. This Back to Basics article will provide basic strategies for perioperative nurses to ensure successful MIS outcomes for patients.

Clinical Issues - March 2019

This month's column addresses the following topics:

  • Instrument pre-treatment products
  • Table covering for entire sterile fields
  • Covering portions of the sterile field

AORN Journal - March 2019