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December 2020 Issue

This December issue includes a CE article on the types of distending media used during hysteroscopy and the corresponding perioperative nursing implications, and a CE article on the sources of distractions and noise in the OR and how they can affect the delivery of safe patient care. The Clinical Issues column explores evidence-rating schemes, surgical patients with cardiac implanted electronic devices, and the preoperative to intraoperative hand-over process.

Featured CE Articles

1. Distending Media Used During Hysteroscopy: Perioperative Nursing Implications

Surgeons use distending media during hysteroscopy to view the uterine cavity. Media options include carbon dioxide gas and both electrolytic and nonelectrolytic fluids. Understanding the properties of each distending medium and the risks involved with its use is critical to safe perioperative nursing care for patients undergoing hysteroscopy. This article provides perioperative nurses with a review of uterine anatomy and evidence-based information on the types of distending media used during hysteroscopy and the corresponding perioperative nursing implications.

2. Safety First: Distractions in the OR Can Compromise Patient Care

Distractions that interrupt the attention of a health care worker may lead to omitted patient care tasks, can lead to prolonged procedures, and may result in wasted time when the health care worker returns to the interrupted task. Examples of distractions that can affect patient care include a team member interrupting another team member who is in the process of obtaining a critical supply or conducting a preoperative patient interview. This article discusses the effect of distractions and noise on patient safety and provides strategies that perioperative nurses and leaders can use to optimize safe patient care.

Clinical Issues

Clinical Issues—December 2020

This month’s Q&A column addresses the following topics:

  • Evidence-rating schemes
  • Surgical patients with cardiac implanted electronic devices
  • Preoperative to intraoperative hand-over process

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