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July 2022 Issue

This July issue includes a CE article on perioperative nursing care for patients with Down syndrome undergoing surgery; and a CE article on clinical practice recommendations for point-of-use instrument cleaning, terminal steam sterilization, and immediate-use steam sterilization. The Clinical Issues column explores surgical hand antisepsis recommendations, surgical hand rub preparation, use of a closing tray, and hemostatic agent classification.

Featured CE Articles

  1. Down Syndrome: A Review of Key Perioperative Implications

    Down syndrome (DS) is associated with numerous comorbidities that can pose challenges for the perioperative nurse caring for a patient with DS undergoing surgery. These challenges can affect the patient assessment, communication with the patient, and patient safety. This article reviews the pathophysiology of DS, discusses common comorbidities that may directly affect perioperative care, and reviews an exemplar case study that demonstrates how personnel with knowledge of DS can positively influence surgical team decision making for these patients in the perioperative setting.

  2. Back to Basics 2.0: Point-of-Use Instrument Cleaning and Steam Sterilization

    Perioperative personnel perform surgical instrument cleaning and sterilization to reduce the risk of surgical site infections. Successful instrument sterilization requires thorough instrument cleaning and disinfection, including removal of organic and inorganic material and microbial contaminants that can inactivate the sterilant or prevent it from contacting all surfaces of the instruments. Instrument cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization processes require performance of critical, complicated, and sequential steps. Only dedicated and competent personnel should be responsible for performing these tasks.

Clinical Issues

Clinical Issues—July 2022

This month’s Q&A column addresses the following topics:
  • Surgical hand antisepsis recommendations
  • Surgical hand rub preparation
  • Use of a closing tray
  • Hemostatic agent classification

July Journal Issue