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Key Takeaways: 2021 New Guideline for Electrosurgical Safety

Publish Date: March 24, 2021


When the use of electrosurgery is possible for a patient with an implanted electronic device (IED), perform the interventions prescribed by the team managing the device or the device manufacturer.


  • (NEW) Consulting preoperatively with the team managing the device helps the surgical team determine interventions to be performed for safe use of electrosurgery with the specific IED (eg, using a magnet on a pacemaker, disconnecting a cochlear implant).1. & 5.2.
  • (NEW) When the team managing the device is not available, consult with the device manufacturer. 2.
  • (NEW) Have an interdisciplinary team develop and implement a support tool that contains interventions to perform for a patient with an IED, for use when the team managing the IED or the manufacturer cannot be contacted.

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