AORN’s Nursing Leaders Prioritize Nurses’ Scientific Research for Funding Support

Publish Date: September 12, 2018

The AORN Foundation, the philanthropic arm of AORN, recently funded scientific research proposed by nurses with a $25k grant made by AORN’s Golden Gavel, the former members of the association’s board of directors.

The research topic, “Investigation of Unplanned Intraoperative Hypothermia Patterns and Relationships in Surgical Patients Warmed with Forced Air: A Secondary Analysis” was proposed by AORN members V. Doreen Wagner, PhD, RN, CNOR and Vallire Hooper, PhD, RN, CPAN, FAAN, who will be co-investigators. Its purpose is to investigate patterns of unplanned intraoperative hypothermia and the relationships between number of minutes hypothermic (cold time), timing of forced air warming, and surgery type in a large data set of adult patients warmed with forced air that have undergone non-cardiac surgery. The analysis may provide evidence for further research to evaluate differences between groups of patients and what the amount of cold time minutes of hypothermia may mean to patient outcomes.

“As current and past leaders of AORN, we recognize the importance of research and evidence-based practice in enhancing the future of our professional practice,” said Anne Fairchild, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM, Foundation president and member of the Golden Gavel. “To this end we wanted to make sure nurses were recognized as contributing to the funding to support these important endeavors. The Golden Gavel’s goal in donating this money to the Foundation Research Fund was to emphasize the value of nurses supporting nurses and nurses supporting research.”

The AORN Research Committee selected the Wagner-Hooper grant application for its award because it met the research criteria, specifically, it is likely to produce results that add to the evidence base for perioperative nursing practice; it addresses an important problem in perioperative nursing; the research approach is scientifically sound; the institutional environment of the applicant makes available the necessary resources to support the project; and the research team has the necessary expertise to carry out the project successfully.

Fairchild, speaking on behalf of the Golden Gavel, said it was their desire that the group’s donation might inspire other nurses and industry partners to make similar donations and recognize the value of nurses’ research to our patients and the entire profession. 

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