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Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS), 3rd Edition

Companion to Syntegrity® Framework Licensed Customers

This essential book is the foundation for AORN's Syntegrity® Standardized Perioperative Framework. Currently in its third edition, this book is the only perioperative-specific, standardized nursing vocabulary recognized by the ANA and mapped to SNOMED CT®. Based on AORN standards and recommended practices, and used by perioperative managers, staff nurses, educators, student nurses, and nursing programs, Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS), 3rd Edition reflects regulatory changes, changes in practice, and the advancement of the electronic health record.

The PNDS 3rd Edition book is currently only available for AORN Syntegrity Framework licensed customers. If you have a current AORN Syntegrity® Framework license and would like to obtain a copy of the PNDS 3rd edition please contact Janice Kelly at 800-755-2676 x223. You can learn more about the AORN Syntegrity Framework by visiting www.aorn.org/syntegrity or www.csc.com/syntegrity, or send inquires to syntegrity@aorn.org.

Periperative Nursing Data Set 

Price:  $260
Member Price:  $130
Available for sale to Syntegrity® Framework licensed customers only. Contact Janice Kelly at
800-755-2676 x223 to purchase.

The 4th edition of the PNDS book is currently in development and will be available in early 2015 for individual purchase, in addition to Syntegrity Framework license holders. 

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