Exhibit Hall Education

In partnership with AORN, Pfiedler Enterprises is returning this year to provide education on the Exhibit Floor at the Surgical Conference & Expo 2014 in Chicago, IL. This is another exciting opportunity for attendees to participate in accredited, professional, evidence-based learning.

What’s in it for you?

  • More continuing education contact hours than ever before
  • Workshops and study guides offered on the Exhibit Floor
  • New topics
  • Now awarding IAHCSMM credit to attendees
  • New media technology
  • Easier registration at the Connections Center by simply scanning your ID card

Need more information? Contact Pfiedler Enterprises by phone at 720-748-6144 or by email.

Project   Booth  Educational Provider  Title 
8627 1219 Spectrum Surgical  The Care and Handling of Laparoscopic Instruments and Rigid Scopes
8613 1419 SurgiCount Medical  Validating Sponge Counts: Your Path to Zero
8612 1423 Encision  Preventing Electrosurgical Burns During Laparoscopy
8635 1426 RF Surgical  Confidence Beyond the Count: Enhancing Patient Safety & Staff Confidence in RSI Prevention through Adjunct Technology 
8640 1613 MAQUET & Getinge Group  Demystifying OR Integration
8648 1613 MAQUET & Getinge Group  Orthopedic Patient Positioning in the OR
8636 1619 Encompass  Mind The Gap: Raising the bar with patient-focused warming strategies
8637 1619 Encompass  Back to the Future: New Innovations in Reusable OR Textiles
8638 1629 Symmetry Surgical  Choose This, Not That: Making Choices to Achieve Success
8639 1629 Symmetry Surgical  How Electrosurgery Affects Procedures and Patients: Keeping it Current
8661 1634 3M  Become a Temperature Champion: Improving Normothermia Outcomes
8662 1634 3M  Leading Change through Best Practices: Fundamentals of National Guidelines
8652 1819 Buffalo Filter  Managing Surgical Smoke Plume: A Facility Wide Approach
8630      1841    ERBE, USA  Measuring Competency: Staying Current on Electrosurgery 
8620 2012 Kimberly-Clark  BEYOND BARRIER: Performance and Comfort in Surgical PPE
8621 2012 I-Flow  Continuous Regional Anesthesia for Acute Pain
8665 2016 Carl Zeiss  Best Practices for Surgical Microscopy in the OR
8631 2212 Zimmer  Tourniquet Application Criteria: A Basic Approach
8632 2212 Zimmer  Surgical Tourniquets in Orthopaedics: An In-depth View
8657 2212 Zimmer  Personal Protective Equipment: A Focus on Surgical Helmet Systems 
8669      2212 Zimmer  Fluid Waste Management - Safety, Clinical and Environmental Considerations 
8664 2223      Covidien  Surgical Smoke Self-Study Guide
8610 2229 Richard Wolf  Fluid Selection and Management in Hysteroscopy
8618 2429 Integra Life Sciences  Surgical Headlights: Safety and Technology Review
8650 2441 AlloSource  Amniotic Tissue: Historic and Current Clinical Use in Surgery 
8622 2450 Pfiedler  Building a Culture of Compassion: Behaviors that Threaten Performance
8651 2623 Molnlycke Health Care  Latex or Synthetic Gloves? Risk Reduction Strategies
8660 2623 Molnlycke Health Care  Progress in Prevention: Driving Down OR-Acquired Pressure Ulcers 
8607 2812 Cardinal Health  Principles of Bone Cement and the Process of Bone Cement Mixing
8641 2812 Cardinal Health  Effective Operating Room Inventory Management
8643 2812 Cardinal Health  Sharps safety and double-gloving go hand in hand
8645 2812 Cardinal Health  Hair Removal: Evidence-Based Practice
8668 3625 Karl Storz  The Life of an Image: Managing OR Images/Videos from Creation to Archiving 
8624 3629 ConMed  Reducing the Risk of Surgical Smoke
8654 3629 ConMed  Patient Safety and New Standards on Electrosurgical Insulation for Handheld Laparoscopic Instruments
8655 3629 ConMed  Cleaning and Sterilization of Handheld Laparoscopic Instruments
8656 3629 ConMed  Better Patient Outcomes with Insufflation Heating and Humidification
8614 3823 Ansell  Chemical Allergy Masquerade
8615 3823 Ansell  Respiratory Protection in Surgery
8616 3823 Ansell  Improving Outcomes in the Operating Room
8608 3828 Ethicon  Advancing your Surgical Assistant Skills: Optimal Device Performance & Improving Outcomes 
8609 3828 Ethicon  Technology Advancements: NOT Yesterday's Suture 
8666 3828 ASP  Taking the Lead in Infection Prevention
8603 4220 Stryker  Killing the Bugs! Endoscopic Instrument Care and Handling
8625 4220 Stryker  Preventing Perioperative Hazards: Slips, Trips, and Falls in the OR 
8626 4220 Stryker  Patient Safety and Surgical Tourniquets
8659 4228 DePuy Synthes  The Aging Fracture Patient
8633 4450 MTF  What you need to know about Acellular Dermal Matrices
8634 4450 MTF  Human Tissue Isn't a Commodity: 5 questions you should ask your tissue bank
8601 4612 Ruhof Corporation  ATP-Based Contamination Monitoring vs. Biofilm & Bioburden
8604 4612 Ruhof Corporation  Preparation of Instruments for Disinfection and Sterilization
8658 4641 Cygnus  Prevention and Removal of Biofilm from Surgical Instruments
8606 4745 Hologic Inc.  Optimizing Fluid Management for Hysteroscopic Procedures
8644 4823 Mobile Instrument Service & Repair  OR and SPD - One Team for Equipment Readiness
8642 4828 ECOLAB  Fast and Effective Cleaning Between Surgeries – A Practical Evidence-Based Approach
8649 4828 ECOLAB  Patient Safety & Sustainability: The grass can be greener on the other side
8653 4847 Sage  Best Practices to Prevent Surgical Site Infections
8663 4916  RTI Biologics  Emerging Infections and Allograft Safety: How to Protect Your Patients
8617 4920 Aesculap  Rigid Containers for Immediate Use Steam Sterilization
8611 4944 Cooper Surgical  Preventing Port Site Herniation
8628 5034 LifeNet  Being There®, an Introduction to Grief and Loss Training for Nurses
8629 5034 LifeNet  Soft Tissue Reconstruction: Acellular Dermal Matrices
8667 5038 Optum  Documenting in an ICD-10 World: Implications for OR Documentation 
8647 5112 CryoLife  Types of Hemodialysis Access
8623 5125 Terumo Cardiovascular Group  Conduit Quality Counts: Endoscopic Vein Harvesting Best Practices and Strategies
8646 5334 Pacira  Infiltration of Local Anesthetics for Postoperative Analgesia
8605 5447 Liventa Bioscience  The Human Placenta - Solving Complex Medical Issues Today… And Tomorrow
8619 AORN Resource Center AORN  Cleaning in Perioperative Areas


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