Monday, April 3, 2017

Expo Daily News 2017

Opening Ceremony

It’s Time for the Power of You

Opening Ceremony audience member

Yesterday, on a sunny spring morning in Boston, President Martha Stratton welcomed the AORN Board of Directors and AORN’s Executive Director, Linda Groah to the stage and called the 64th Annual Conference of AORN to session. From there, Alex Garday took over as emcee for the overflow crowd and continued the processional by introducing the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, the National Committee and Task Force Chairs, and the AORN Specialty Assembly Chairs. President Stratton then shared with the crowd how chapters and state councils are a vital link between AORN headquarters and the AORN membership.

In traditional AORN pomp and circumstance, the State Council Chairs and Chapter Presidents representing the states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico were all enthusiastically announced. President Stratton continued another important AORN tradition and acknowledged the hundreds of AORN members who are currently on active duty in the U.S. Military and also called for the veterans or family members of an active military members who were in attendance to stand and be recognized. President Stratton also honored the AORN members and colleagues who passed in this last year.

Yesterday’s Global Summit was also called out and applauded as perioperative professionals from Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan and representatives from the International Federation of Perioperative Nurses were recognized. AORN’s Task Force on Developing Leaders was charged with identifying criteria for recognizing the Top Forty Perioperative Nurses Under Forty. The recipients were enthusiastically recognized by the crowd and congratulated by President Stratton. Not to be shown up by the up-and-coming perioperative stand-outs, the AORN members who have been involved for 40, 50, and 60 years were celebrated as Legacy members and thanked for making AORN the organization that it is today.

AORN Board of Directors on stage during the opening ceremony

AORN’s past continued to be honored when the past presidents and board members, respectfully known as the Golden Gavel, were asked to stand and be recognized. Presidents and representatives from associations that AORN regularly collaborates with were in attendance as well. American Nurses Association President, Dr. Pamela Cipriano took the stage to celebrate the partnership between AORN and ANA. She encouraged the crowd to embrace their advocacy role in the operating suite and across the perioperative spectrum, and in our state and federal capitals.

President Stratton went on to acknowledged the American Academy of Nursing fellows in attendance and congratulated AORN staff member, Ramona Conner and AORN member Ric Cuming who were both inducted into the Academy in 2016 before going on to thank her employer, Doctors Hospital of Augusta and her family for their support over the past year. President Stratton also presented the President’s Award to Anne Medlin, BSN, RN, CNOR during the opening session.

From there she thanked Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies for being the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo platinum sponsor. Rob Benton, Director of Professional Education Platforms, North America Education Solutions, Johnson & Johnson then greeted the crowd. He acknowledged how rapidly the health care industry is changing and that AORN is the organization that nurses count on for the education and resources to stay on the leading edge.

The ceremony came to a rousing end as President Stratton told the crowd what an amazing week lies ahead with fantastic motivational speakers, outstanding educational programs, and posters that inspire us to take on new challenges and make changes to improve patient care. She ended by emphasizing the importance of having fun and “celebrating what it means to be a perioperative nurse and part of this incredible association.”

Solaire Medical

General Session

Embrace Your Awesomeness: Getting the Most Out of Yourself and Those People Around You

Brad Montgomery

Brad Montgomery, yesterday’s General Session speaker, started his career as a full-time, professional magician and comic. But for the past 15 years as a speaker he has spoken to health care groups in all 50 states and on four continents. He started his talk “Embrace Your Awesomeness: Getting the Most Out of Yourself and Those People Around You” by poking good fun at the perioperative awesomeness happening all around him. From hand-washing and operating room bladder jokes to not letting the group ignore the irony of having an opening session on the second day of the conference, he had the crowd from “Hello, my name is Brad Montgomery.” He told the overflow audience that he was there to provide a non-nurse perspective and to remind them that everything was simply going to be ok.

He reminded the crowd of their complicated and stressful jobs. But to not stress because…well, they’re awesome. He stressed that they can make a difference in more ways than they think. He reminded the audience that they have the power to make themselves better and their profession better. He helped prove his point by describing two different types of coaches his son recently interacted with. One coach chose to “pound down, instead of build up” and the other, with much better results, chose to see the positives in his son’s abilities, and made the decision he was going to shape it.

Audience member during Brad Montgomery's opening session speech

Montgomery encouraged the audience to be that person who chooses to shape someone in a positive way as opposed to pound them down. He stressed that we’re all important and what we say and do matters. He broke this concept down into two steps – accept your awesomeness and then embrace it. He also stressed the importance of breaking it all down into parts and to look for what he called “confetti moments.” The small victories that we all have every day but rarely celebrate. Montgomery says celebrate.

Celebrate and be that person to yourself, your family, and your perioperative team who notices the awesomeness in others. Those are the interactions that could inspire your team to be that much better and to make that many more patients safer. He told the crowd that everyone needs to be told they're awesome and how it can help you get the most out of yourself and those around you. Who are you going to tell they’re awesome today? Talk about the Power of You.

AORN Congress

First House of Delegates

First House of Delegates

AORN President Martha Stratton welcomed members to the first House of Delegates on Sunday afternoon. State by state, the delegate reporters entertained attendees with their count using mottos, sports references, and weather updates to announce their representation. Final count for authorized delegates registered this year is 2,952.

Chair of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC), Kristy Wheeler, reported on the committee’s work of the past year, emphasizing the committee’s goal to attract qualified candidates for office and their desire to increase the number of members voting for the AORN board, officers, and the NLDC. President Stratton reminded attendees to vote before midnight on Tuesday.

President Stratton announced chapter award winners, including Chapter of the Year, AORN of Greater Houston, and congratulated the newly formed Chapter 1116, AORN of Peach State in Atlanta, Georgia.

The meeting concluded following the treasurer’s report from Stephanie Davis who emphasized AORN’s strong revenue growth. In 2016, AORN’s revenue grew at an unprecedented rate of 11.2% to almost 26 million due to continued success of Periop 101, the new surgical smoke grant, and strong growth from Syntegrity. This success allowed AORN to donate $400,000 to the AORN Foundation which was used to send members to Expo, help with membership hardships, and help our chapters. 2017 is expected to be a solid year of financial performance for AORN and its subsidiaries, the Foundation, Pfiedler Enterprises, and AORN Syntegrity, Inc.

Education Highlights at Expo 2017

Test Your Liability IQ

Top Reasons Nurses Get Sued

In a lively and packed session, attendees learned about the litigation issues facing perioperative nurses today in the session, “Test Your Liability IQ: Top Reasons Nurses Get Sued.”

Jennifer Flynn, BA, and Rose Brown presented on a report by the Nurses Service Organization (NSO) in conjunction with CNA, a commercial property and casualty insurance company. The organizations recently released their third report on malpractice claims against nurses, which they say have increased in recent years. The report examined nurse claims from CNA that closed between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2014.

Brown and Flynn walked the room through a few actual cases in the study. Nurses in attendance were presented the different cases, then asked if the nurse in the case was negligent and if so, how much money was paid out.

Brown says she recommends speaking up when you are unsure.

“[Say] ‘I need help’, ‘I’m not familiar’, ‘Can somebody help me with this’,” she said.

When it comes to claims involving a registered nurse, on average it costs about $201,916 per claim, according to Flynn. During the five-year period of the report, more than $90 million was paid out in malpractice claims against registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and licensed practical nurses. The average cost to defend a complaint to the Board of Nursing is $3,988.

Nurses in neurology see the most claims according to the study, with the average paid indemnity at over $500,000. Flynn says about 61% of the claims in this study came from hospital-based ORs, and 16% came from ambulatory surgery centers.

Flynn and Brown reminded the attendees there are things you can do to educate and protect yourself, including:

  • Know the nurse practice act and read it at least annually
  • Maintain competencies (including experience, training, and skills)
  • Speak up, ask for assistance, and voice concerns
  • Clarify all orders if there is any doubt or uncertainty
  • Document findings contemporaneously in the health record

Proper documentation was an important point driven home throughout the session. “When you have things on your forms that need to be completed, you need to complete them for each and every case,” she said.

Awards at Expo 2017

Chapter of the Year 2017

2017 Chapter of the Year Winner

4407 AORN of Greater Houston

Congratulations to the 2017 Chapter of the Year – 4407 AORN of Greater Houston. They were selected from one of the four Gold chapters and received their award yesterday at the First House of Delegates.

If you have questions about the AORN Chapter Excellence Awards, please contact Congratulations to all of our Chapter Excellence Awards Winners. For a full list of this year’s winners, click here.

2017 Presidents Award

2017 Presidents Award

Anne Medlin, BSN, RN, CNOR

President Stratton presented the President’s Award to Anne Medlin, BSN, RN, CNOR during the opening session.

AORN Foundation at Expo 2017

AORN Foundation Boston T-Party is Tonight

Wear your favorite Boston t-shirt and come dance the night away at the Foundation’s Boston T-Party from 8pm-11:30pm at the House of Blues Boston. Registration is $35 and includes two drink tickets. All proceeds go to support the AORN Foundation. You will not be able to get tickets at the door. Come to the Foundation Booth today to purchase your tickets.

AORN Foundation Silent Auction Closes Today

Don't forget to bid on some of the fantastic items in the AORN Foundation’s Silent Auction in room 254. No time to stop by? Bid online here.

Exhibit Booth Fundraisers

Stop by the Sage Products (2015) or Megadyne (1817) booths and they’ll give a donation to the AORN Foundation.

Doubled Donations for Certified Nurses

Through Wednesday, CCI will match any donation made by or in honor of a CNOR®, CRNFA®, CSSM® or CNS-CP® certified nurse up to $10,000. Stop by the Foundation booth and double your donation.

Steps to Health Winner

Congratulations to the AORN Foundation’s Steps to Health Challenge winner for Sunday, April 2. The highest stepper was Samuel Cabrera with 35,647 steps! It’s not too late to sign up at the AORN Foundation booth in the North Lobby if you’d like to participate.

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Conference Tips for Expo 2017

  1. 345,000 sq. ft. is a lot of ground to cover. Each day pick 15 to 20 booths you want to visit.

  2. If contact hours are your main focus, don’t forget the session handouts and conference notes can be downloaded using the conference app. Look for them in the section called “Handouts Library.”

  3. Eat often and always in small portions. AORN will host am and pm breaks with complimentary snacks and beverages in the exhibit hall on Monday and Tuesday.

  4. The MBTA will provide transportation directly from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to the airport from 10:30am to 1:30pm on Wednesday, April 5. For more information on fares, pick up location, etc. click here.

AORN Central at Expo 2017

Come visit us at the AORN Central Theater - Booth #1500.

Here’s what’s happening today:

  • How Do You Learn Best? The Key to CNOR Exam Success - 10am
  • What’s New with Periop 101 - 11am
  • AORN Online Community Demo - 12pm
  • How to Make Your ASC Better - 1pm
  • Stop Smoking in the OR – The AORN Go Clear Award - 1:30pm
  • Share Your Periop Knowledge – From Abstract to Poster - 2pm
  • Guideline Essentials – Translate Evidence into Practice - 3pm