Periop 101 Implementation Assistance Program

Need help implementing Periop 101 in your facility? AORN will send a clinical education specialist to your facility to meet with your management, educators, and staff to help you get started. 

Receive guidance on how to structure the didactic and clinical components. Get helpful resources, such as:

  • Preceptor objectives
  • Sample schedules
  • Outcome measurement tools

Periop 101 Implementation Assistance Process

  • Preplanning phase
  • Engaging facility resources
  • Establishing a learning environment
  • Objectives for the perioperative educator
  • Student selection process
  • Implementation phase
  • A sample Periop 101 schedule for a formal program that incorporates Periop 101 – standardized, evidence-based education
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Preceptor competencies
  • How to successfully pass the final exam
  • Competency skill assessment
  • Recommended clinical orientation phase


Program is available as a complimentary service for facilities who have purchase 11+ seats. Travel reimbursement is required. For more information about the Periop 101 Implementation Assistance Program, please email Terry Avitable, MSN, RN, CNOR, or call (800) 755-2676, ext. 211.