Audit Science: Actions for Improved Outcomes

Upcoming Webinar

July 13, 2017

9am (PT); 10am (MT); 11am (CT); 12pm (ET)
Captain Daniel Fedderson, AN, RN, CNOR; Captain Kenneth Romito, AN, RN, CNOR

Audits are commonly performed in health care institutions every day. This webinar explores the science behind audits. Participants will gain insight into the history of audit development in health care, evidence supporting audits in health care, and strategies for successful implementation of audits in work areas to ultimately improve patient outcomes.


  • Describe the historical role of audit development in health care quality and performance improvement.
  • Discuss the five phases in the Audit Quality Loop and how those can be applied in perioperative practice.

Credit Hours

This webinar will award one (1.0) CH after evaluation completion.

Price: Free