Periop 101 OB RN Circulator Course

Periop 101 OB RN Circulator Course

The Periop 101 OB RN Circulator Course is a comprehensive, blended educational program developed by AORN’s expert perioperative nurse-authors and based on the latest, evidence-based Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

The goal of the course's specialized core curriculum is to provide foundation-level perioperative education to OB RN Circulators so that they have the knowledge required to provide safe patient care. The curriculum utilizes a blended learning model incorporating various learning modalities including online didactic content, skills-based labs, and a clinical preceptorship.

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For Your Novice Nurses

AORN recommends Periop 101 for novice perioperative nurses including new graduates, nurses transitioning into the perioperative suite from other nursing specialties, and other health care team members. This specialty course is designed for your novice OB RNs.

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Course Benefits

  • Enhances knowledge, skills, and confidence in perioperative practice
  • Cultivates a team environment for perioperative excellence
  • Improves staff recruitment and retention
  • Boosts evidence-based patient safety
  • Assists you in becoming a facility of choice in your area

AORN Periop 101 OB RN Circulator Course

OB RN Circulator Perioperative Assessment

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Contact Hours

This program provides 35.6 contact hours.