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Periop 101 Courses for Other OR Team Members

Many of the Periop 101 learning modules have applications for OB RN circulators, ambulatory surgery center nurses, physician assistants (PAs), residents, medical students, interns, advanced practice nurses (APNs), and other allied health professionals. To meet this need, AORN has created specialized Periop 101 courses specific to other surgical team members.

Periop 101: A Core Curriculum for PAs, Residents, and Medical Students

AORN has created a specialized Periop 101 course for other surgical team members. The curriculum is design...

Foundations of Perioperative Practice for the Midwife FA

Learn the basic perioperative principles integral to the midwife functioning as a first assistant and the numerous safety measures that must be implem...

Ambulatory Periop 101

Ambulatory Periop 101 is a program used to train new perioperative nurses. It consists of 28 online learning modules, with two new modules specificall...

Periop 101 for Nursing School Programs

AORN advocates for the inclusion of learning activities in the perioperative setting for all undergraduate professional nursing curricula. The periope...

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Periop Mastery Program (PMP) - Amplifier Platform

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