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AORN Preceptor Certificate Program

Preceptor Certificate Program

AORN’s Preceptor Certificate Program is designed to prepare preceptors for their critical role in orienting new registered nurses to the perioperative environment. This program contains a variety of teaching and learning exercises that the preceptor can utilize.

For Your Preceptors

AORN recommends the Preceptor Certificate Program for your experienced nurses who are precepting new perioperative nurses. Course components include information on adult learning theories, novice-to-expert considerations, problem solving, validating competency, dealing with the health care reality shock, and the challenges of working with new grads.

Program Benefits

  • Enhances knowledge, skills, and confidence in perioperative practice
  • Cultivates a team environment for perioperative excellence
  • Improves staff recruitment and retention
  • Boosts evidence-based patient safety
  • Assists you in becoming a facility of choice in your area

AORN Preceptor Certificate Program

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Contact Hours

This course consists of three modules with a total of 4.0 credit hours.