AORN Virtual Town Hall and Special Membership Meeting: February 23, 2016

Multicultural Nursing

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Perioperative nurses who are interested in developing communication skills and acquiring more knowledge about attitudes relevant to cultural sensitivity and safety when working with health care professionals or caring for patients from various cultural backgrounds in a variety of perioperative settings.

Purpose Statements

•Provide a forum in which perioperative nurses can better understand the patient's cultural frame of reference so as to ensure the delivery of culturally competent care.

•Provide perioperative nurses with an avenue for enhancing collaboration and communication among a diversified work force thereby creating a cohesive team.

•Act as an educational resource for perioperative nurses both locally and globally.

•Facilitate a mode of communication among perioperative nurses around the world for the purposes of fostering the exchange of ideas and expertise and advancing the practice of perioperative nursing. Showcase contributions made by perioperative nurses around the world.


As people throughout the world become more mobile, perioperative nurses find themselves caring for a more diverse population. Global health and well being, the delivery of safe patient care for those undergoing surgical intervention, and advancing the profession of perioperative nursing are the cornerstones of the Multicultural Nursing Specialty Assembly (MNSA). As members of the global community, perioperative nurses play a vital role in uniting all three.

Success for the MNSA depends on all of us. Its purpose and goals have been established. You have the knowledge and expertise. The coordinating council encourages everyone to become active participants in addressing issues affecting our diverse population and work force.

As we undergo major changes in our health care settings, so too do other nations. Perioperative nurses are members of this global community and it is vital that we are able to establish communications with one another and network. The MNSA wants to harness the expertise of our perioperative nurses and become a formidable resource center as we expand into global markets.

2014-2015 Coordinating Council

Chair - Stella Harrington, RN, BSN, CNOR
Past Chair - N/A
Communication Chair - TBD
Education Chair - TBD
Professional/Practice Issues Chair - TBD
AORN CNP Staff Liaison - Bonnie Denholm, RN, MS, CNOR
AORN Board Liaison - Nathalie Walker, MBA, RN, CNOR
AORN Staff Consultant - Debbie Robichaud Stephen

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