Outstanding Achievement in Perioperative Nursing Research or Evidence-Based Practice

The applicant must be an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in perioperative nursing research or demonstrated outstanding achievement in the application and/or utilization of perioperative evidence-based practice.

Examples of such achievement might include, but are not limited to:

  • A researcher with an established program of perioperative research
  • Evidence-based practice implementation of research
  • A research project

Before You Begin the Online Application:

Review following required elements for this award category:

  • Candidate Statement 1 - In 250 words or less, describethe background of the research/evidence-based practice and its significance to perioperative clinical practice, noting ongoing and future direction.
  • Candidate Statement 2 - In 250 words or less, describe the research/evidence-based practice, including components of the effort, those involved, timelines, methodology, consents, statistical analysis, findings, limitations, patient outcomes, changes in clinical practice, products (presentations), publications, policies and procedures and suggestions for further research.
  • Nominee's CV/Resume - Complete form.
  • Nominator Statement - for nominated applications (upload in the online application)

Deadline: Application submission deadline is November 17, 2017.