Engage with Perioperative Nurse Week

Publish Date: November 9, 2016

Perioperative Nurse Week, which is being celebrated from November 6-12 this year, presents an opportunity to inform community members and local and state representatives about the critical role of perioperative nurses and their contributions to patient safety. AORN encourages members to send a letter to elected officials or local newspaper editors to inform them about Perioperative Nurse Week and explain how perioperative nurses provide specialized nursing care to surgical patients before, during, and after surgery.

This year is a unique year because Election Day fell in the middle of Perioperative Nurse Week. So whether you are happy with the election results or disappointed, voting is only the first step in making your voice heard. It is important to stay engaged throughout the year. Legislators, both new and longstanding, are not experts in the perioperative practice and rely on you to share your concerns, ideas, and expertise.

It is easy to start engaging with elected officials, by sending a simple email, which AORN has provided for you. The letter encourages policy makers to integrate patient safety considerations into health care policy decisions. Individuals can personalize the letter however they see fit, but ultimately, they can use it as a mechanism to establish a personal relationship with elected officials who influence health care policies and to become a voice for patient safety.

You can work to advance perioperative nursing practice and patient safety initiatives throughout the year by participating in AORN’s National Legislative Forum. The Forum hosts monthly calls where you can learn about legislative trends impacting your practice, hear from legislators and other nursing organizations, and receive action steps to make a positive impact on legislation in your state. If you are interested in participating, email Danielle Glover, AORN Government Affairs Manager at dglover@aorn.org.